Active in the Lift / Elevator market field since the dawn of LED technology, today we are proud to offer a range of Products and Technologies that covers every need, from the simplest to the most complex, both for on-board (cabin) applications as same as to meet lighting needs for the shaft/pit and technical roof area.
SPOT low voltage and directly powered at 230V.
Ultra Thin and Design SPOT.
KIT in various configurations to facilitate quick and easy installation.
STRIP High Voltage and IP44, with lengths up to 50 meters.
PANEL Flat in standard dimensions as well as achievable real made-to-measure at ‘cm’.
Without forgetting Sanitation/Disinfection, thanks to the new UVC LED Profiles solutions.


  • Single SPOT @ 12-24V, with Vandal-proof aesthetic Ring
  • Single SPOT @ 230V, with Vandal-proof aesthetic Ring
  • KIT SPOT with 4 – 6 – 8 – 10 Elements and Vandal-proof aesthetic Ring, including Wiring harnesses, Power Supplies and Emergency Battery Pack 
  • SPOT Design, ultra thin with LED COB 
  • FLAT Panel in standard dimensions as well as achievable real made-to-measure, also for huge dimensions
  • LED STRIP ‘Shaft’ @ 230V and IP44
  • LED Strip Multi-LED and COB Ultra-diffused
  • Profili LED UVC for Sanitation/Disinfection
  • Roof/Pit High Intensity SPOT, high efficiency
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