New Skills – The same High Quality

Nuove Skills – La stessa Elevata Qualità

Innovation never stops. Keeping up with the times is a must for those who, like Cross Point, is partners of Companies that in each market field be recognized as the Leaders of Innovation applied to the Product.

For this reason, Cross Point has introduced among its Skills the possibility of integrating solutions that make IoT a clear and concrete thing for everyone; SW and FW developments to complete a truly Embedded HW, User KNX, Cloud management and Mobile App Development (IOS & Android), integration of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence, as well as Human-Machine interaction through Voice recognition thanks to Alexa Built- in.

An increasingly numerous, highly qualified and totally dedicated Team is the strength thanks to which Cross Point guarantees a 360° Research & Development and Design, for Human-Machine Interface, Lighting Devices, Sensors and IoT.

A Proactive Group, which stands alongside the Customer not as a pure performer but as a true Consultant, drawing on experience to recommend the best Solution.


Our skills

R&D Advance

The Advance R&D Office deals with researching new materials and technologies for the development of Innovative Products, in order to be able to study and anticipate the evolutionary trend of the Markets. This translates into the ever increasing proposal of POC (Proof of Concept), Advanced Prototypes ready to be ‘dressed’ and completed by each Customer so that they become exactly the Component that will successfully complete their Device.

2D and 3D Mechanical Design

Starting from the Feasibility phase, it is able to create renderings, prototypes and samples up to the large-scale production of the Product, always developed in co-design with the Customer.

Electronic Design

Fundamental for the realization of a Custom HMI as it allows to integrate and confer high performances in terms of Quality, selecting the best components to reach the functional performances desired by the Customer.

Lighting design

We are able to develop a perfect combination of light source, heat dissipation and power supply, design, in order to obtain products that meet the requirements of the market, with an eye always oriented towards the future of light.

Firmware, Software, IOT and Mobile design

Thanks to these skills we can “give life” to our products, make them a ‘bridge’ between the User and the World, creating a tailor-made solution together with the Customer.

The Quality of the Products

It born during the development carried out in full synergy with the Customer and is monitored and guaranteed during all phases of the production process, in full compliance with the Specifications and needs of each market. All our Products are 100% Tested, guaranteeing the most absolute reliability, increasingly required by a Technological world such as the one in which we all live.

Do you want to create a tailor-made solution for your business? Contact us or request more information. 

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