A wide range of User Interfaces ranging from simple Membrane Keyboards up to embracing ‘Ultra-Thin’ Silicone Rubber Solutions and Capacitive Touch Interfaces, conceived and built as Aesthetic Cover Lens, Touch Keypad 5” or full Touch Screen.

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Active in the Lift / Elevator market field since the dawn of LED technology, today we are proud to offer a range of Products and Technologies that covers every need, from the simplest to the most complex, both for on-board (cabin) applications as same as to meet lighting needs for the shaft/pit and technical roof area.

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Innovative Solutions for a constantly Evolving sector. For years alongside the main Companies in the field, our proposal ranges from Touch FLX Foils, customized flexible capacitive circuits, up to integrating Aesthetic Cover Lens or even the entire User Interface.

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The Technologies of Potentiometric Resistive Sensors, for the detection of position in the Clutch, Accelerator and Brake Pedals, as well as the Interfaces in Silicone Rubber, have received the IATF certification confirming the high Production and Control Standards we guarantee for this important market field.

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Years of experience in the field, creating User Interface which over the years have evolved technically and aesthetically together with the tastes of the Market. Silicon Rubber Interfaces with wear-resistant Aesthetics or Integrated with Plastic Elements, or Capacitive Interfaces?

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Home Automation

User Interface Solutions ranging from Classic Technology, which combines Plastics and Silicone Rubber, to Capacitive Touch Technology thanks to the tailor-made development of Aesthetic Cover Lens, including the availability of Standard 5 “solutions.

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