Capacitive Keyboard: the answer is: LTK

L’innovativa Tastiera Capacitiva di Cross Point, Standard nella Forma, Customizzabile nelle Funzionalità e nei Contenuti sulla base delle esigenze di ciascun Cliente.

Great User Experience – Aesthetics – Small Quantities – Easy Installation – Standard in Shape – Customizable in Functions – Low Costs. Is it possible to have all these skills all together, in a single Product?

The answer is: LTK.

Cross Point’s innovative Capacitive Keyboard, Standard in Form, Customizable in Functionality and Content based on the needs of each Customer.

The shell structure allows quick installation, the 5″ Touch Panel guarantees the simplicity of a “soft Touch” contact together with the extreme flexibility represented by the programming of the different Widgets (up to 40!) which, as if it were a white sheet, you can create on it: Keys, Sliders, Rotary Wheels; for each function, the right Graphics. It is in fact thanks to the special rear backlit Label (also with ‘dead front/ghost’ effect) that the Customer can take advantage of the extreme flexibility of LTK, deciding or changing the Size, the Type, the Functionality connected to each Icon or Logo, even between one Production Lot and the next, even for only 100 pieces!

LTK guarantees an Aesthetics and a Man-Machine experience certainly preferable compared to a Membrane Interface, combined with a Manufacturing Flexibility that allows to distinguish the Same Device on the basis of the End Customer, guaranteeing immediate identification of each Product with the User.

LTK allows you to save money compared to a Touch Screen Display where this is not strictly necessary, guaranteeing captivating Graphics and of absolute Quality, giving up only the possibility of managing ‘gestures’ and ‘submenus’, saving on the high investments required by the SW programming of a Touch Screen.

LTK is the Solution you are looking for, to give Prestige to your Device, without spending a fortune.

Contact us for more information or to develop a DEMO exactly on your specific needs.

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