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Key Competence - Skills

R&D Advance

R&D Advance researches new materials and technologies for innovative Product Development, to design and anticipate market development trends.

2D and 3D Mechanical Design

2D and 3D Mechanical Design, starting from the Feasibility phase, can create rendering, prototypes and samples up to large scale production of the product developed through co-design with the client.

Electronic Design

Electronic Design is fundamental for the manufacture of Custom HMI, since it allows integration and higher performance in terms of quality

Lighting Technical Design

Lighting Technical Design can develop the correct combination of light source, heat dissipation, power and design, to obtain end products that meet market needs.

Firmware & Software Design

Firmware & Software Design, thanks to these skills, can “bring our products to life” and develop custom products with the client.


The Quality of our products develops during co-design with the client and is monitored and guaranteed during the Production Process phases. All our products are 100% tested to allow our clients Free Pass use on their Production Lines.


About us

Listen, Understand, Develop, Innovate. Not just words. They represent the philosophy on which Cross Point has always based its proactive approach in every new design. And it is what most clients acknowledge in us and which they appreciate, making us proud and encouraging us never to stop along the path taken.

This is “Innovation into Evolution”: knowing how to keep a watchful eye to firstly understand what path the technological evolution will take, always keeping your feet on the ground in the knowledge that only skillful and constant attention to each market requirement is what allows strong innovation to meet actual needs and allow us to look to the future with confidence.

Because there is nothing greater than seeing what was once an Idea taking shape step by step, until it becomes Your Product.


Cross Point is a reference for its clients, having grown over the years with many of them, however knowingly remaining a leader of Innovation and Research.
The beating heart is our R&D, which bears in its DNA the Creativity and Design that distinguish Italy around the world.
DNA transferred to every subsequent phase, from Prototyping to Production, where practicality and stability combine, being the result of vast experience.
DNA for us also stands for Development of New Advantages: for you, and for your clients.

Once a ‘Custom’ product almost automatically meant ‘Higher Costs’, this is no longer the case.
The important thing is to entrust the right partner.
Cross Point has been working for years in a completely proactive manner with the client, working side by side to understand the most specific needs, to understand how to create a product that truly satisfies the client: only what is truly necessary, made to ‘state of the art’ standards.
The constant objective of our work was, from the start, the Target Price: what the client wants to spend and can spend.
Because business for us is not just a project, but our clients placing their trust in us for many years.

Cross Point has been designing products with LED technology since 2000, or rather, since the first 1W LEDs appeared on the market.
Our competence ranges from lighting products, to those creating design effects, visual-communication and sanitation products.
In short: experience + competence ensure you not only find the product you are looking for, but you will also be ensured consultation with expert technicians on the subject, who will know how to support you from sampling to production in series.
Whether you are looking for a small, 16mm spotlight or you have to light an industrial building and save energy, the answer is…right here!

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