Cross Point is a reference for its clients, having grown over the years with many of them, however knowingly remaining a leader of Innovation and Research.
The beating heart is our R&D, which bears in its DNA the Creativity and Design that distinguish Italy around the world.
DNA transferred to every subsequent phase, from Prototyping to Production, where practicality and stability combine, being the result of vast experience.
DNA for us also stands for Development of New Advantages: for you, and for your clients.

Once a ‘Custom’ product almost automatically meant ‘Higher Costs’, this is no longer the case.
The important thing is to entrust the right partner.
Cross Point has been working for years in a completely proactive manner with the client, working side by side to understand the most specific needs, to understand how to create a product that truly satisfies the client: only what is truly necessary, made to ‘state of the art’ standards.
The constant objective of our work was, from the start, the Target Price: what the client wants to spend and can spend.
Because business for us is not just a project, but our clients placing their trust in us for many years.

We were the pioneers. And we are proud of it!
Remember the historic ‘Videotel’, which we can consider the ancestor of Internet? Cross Point was chosen to create the keypads for these historic devices!
Cross Point was designing and producing keypads in conductive silicone rubber in the Eighties.
There were multiple applications over the years: washing machines, medical instruments, payment terminals, programmable thermostats, coffee machines.
In the “Touch” era, rubber keypads knew how to keep in step with the times, always becoming more reliable and performing.
With the right aesthetic guards, with the right mechanical designs, they can last hundreds of thousands of…clicks!
Of course, you have to entrust the right partner…

Knowing the market means never ceasing to understand, and never feeling you have “made it”.
Listen, Think, React.
This is what encouraged us, after years, to develop a first Range of Standard Solutions, which allows everyone to have their own standard keypad ready for installation in a few simple steps, without forgetting however that… a touch of originality appeals to everyone!
So, if you are looking for a simple, yet modern keypad (Capacitive Touch), which can change the appearance of the visual part, as well as the shape, functions and features of every single Widget (Keys, Sliders, Wheels, etc.), that bears your logo or your client’s brand, which can be purchased in small batches, maybe even completely changing it from one batch to the next… Why look around? Cross Point has the Standard/Custom keypad you are looking for ready for you!

Cross Point has been designing products with LED technology since 2000, or rather, since the first 1W LEDs appeared on the market.
Our competence ranges from lighting products, to those creating design effects, visual-communication and sanitation products.
In short: experience + competence ensure you not only find the product you are looking for, but you will also be ensured consultation with expert technicians on the subject, who will know how to support you from sampling to production in series.
Whether you are looking for a small, 16mm spotlight or you have to light an industrial building and save energy, the answer is…right here!

It’s a rule of business: nothing helps increase demand like reducing prices.
We could end the FAQ here, but we would like to carefully explain the technologies we use.
Manufacturing Capacitive Touch Film on a flexible structure is easy, but only leaders do so to ensure it truly meets the needs of every client/market. How does it work? Should it back-light? Should it diffuse light? How should it be protected from the surrounding environment?
Why is “Touch” easy to say? But only if you how to respond to these and other specific questions, your product will know…how to light up your business!

It is difficult to fully understand what your skills are, especially when you have plenty to offer clients to achieve market objectives.
Cross Point knew how to become a leader of innovation in multiple application markets, becoming a qualified partner for many leading brands in the automotive sector, creating custom position sensors to guarantee high level performance.
Innovation that knew how to seize the potential of Capacitive Technology and use it to detect the position of liquids in containers, guaranteeing functional and hygienic performance clearly higher than any other previous solution.
Technologies should not only be listed on a web page.
They have to be fully understood, and then… continue to learn from them!

Would you like more information on Crosspoint?

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