Cross Point join the EV world

a Tecnologia Cross Point, a conferma del motto “Innovation into Evolution”, diventa parte integrante della nuova gamma di Charging Unit Wallbox realizzata da GEWISS.

The Cross Point Technology, confirming the motto “Innovation into Evolution”, becomes an integral part of the new range of Charging Unit Wallbox created by GEWISS.

The skills and experience of Cross Point, in full Co-Design with the Customer, have allowed full compliance with the technical and aesthetic characteristics of the innovative Device, integrating the Soft-Touch interaction with the highly efficient Dot-matrix Display, all underlined by a Visual LED element for a User Experience that looks to the future.

The interface study involved the various Design departments of the Cross Point R&D Department, with a top-level result in terms of Product. A perfect synergy of HW, SW and FW components, enhanced by IOT functions which are now essential in a Human-Machine Interface.

Aesthetics, Functionality, Interactivity, Energy Saving and Visual Information come together in a User Interface of absolute Quality, aligned with the history and expectations of the Brand.

The Complete Interface as we designed and built summarizes the following “Plus”:

  • Shock resistance “IK10”
  • 4 mm thick PMMA Cover Lens with “Dead Front” Keys and Wheel (completely disappear from view when not needed)
  • Capacitive keys and wheels
  • Proximity sensor for HMI’s “awakening”
  • Custom Led Dot Matrix Display for Messages with “scrolling text”
  • Custom Led Dot Matrix Display for Numbers and Symbols
  • Software for Multilingual Menu Management and Program Menu
  • CAN OPEN Protocol

The solution designed for Gewiss was tailor-made, respecting the customer’s needs and objectives with a focus on the research and development phase of the product, in order to create a design and functional product.

– More information on the finished product, at the following link:

Cross Point has been working for years in full pro-activity with the Customer, following him side by side to understand the most specific needs, to understand how to make a Product that really satisfies them: only what is really needed, made “in a workmanlike manner”.

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