Touch Foil & Cover Lens

Each day, we find ourselves having to manage machines and electronic devices that surround us, both at home and at work, no longer using mechanical buttons or knobs, but by simply touching surfaces, thereby using Capacitive contact. Management of these capacitive commands is delegated to a microprocessor which, to work, requires a fundamental part, the “Sensor”, the element which inside this system provides information on the status of the command.

Cross Point, thanks to the experience gained using “Green Board” technology, has developed a solution called “Touch Foil”, which allows the sensor to be created in a shape that in turn allows its assembly behind a plastic, glass or wooden panel. By doing so, we allow the client to obtain a strong, water-proof and vandal-proof user interface. During the Research and Development phase, a solution was designed to guarantee maximum flexibility in user interface design, trying to reduce any constraints to a minimum; for this reason, it was decided to create our sensor using flexible material such as PET. Furthermore, it is possible to integrate filters to optimize light diffusion with a possible backlight present, or aesthetic parts that outline the product graphic.

The combined “Touch Foil” with a plastic front bearing the product graphic allows creation of what is normally called the Cover Lens.

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