LTK stands for Label Touch Keypad, a product that simplifies customization on a technical, economic, and timely level, making assembly easy as well. In just a few simple steps, you can design your user interface by choosing the shape, size, and characteristics of the buttons, as well as the type of slider from the options provided. You will need to send us an image of the icons you want to use to identify your buttons/sliders, allowing for a 360° customization and thus creating a user interface ready for use.


Our Technical Team will then create the user interface based on your preferences, complementing it with custom software that will ensure your customers truly innovative user experience.

LTK is available in two versions: LTK 5, which can be produced in horizontal or vertical versions, and LTK 5D, available in a vertical version and integrating a fully customizable OLED display for messaging.

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