LTK it is an innovative User Interface that allows customization of the keypad on your devices. In a few simple steps you can design your user interface, choosing the shape, size and type of keys and type of slider from those proposed, sending us a simple Image of the icons that should identify your buttons/sliders, for complete customization. Our Technicians will next create the User Interface based on your preferences, with complete customized SW to guarantee an innovative User Experience.

You can choose from the various widgets:

  • ROUND keys with a customisable diameter
  • SQUARE keys with customisable dimensions
  • RECTANGULAR keys with customisable dimensions
  • Vertical or Horizontal Sliders with customisable length
  • The useful area for insertion of the widgets is .. x .. mm.

LTK was designed to simplify assembly by the client. It can be assembled on a metal/plastic/glass panel manufactured using a slot where the combined front and rear part of the LTK module will be positioned, making the thickness of the panel irrelevant.

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