To accelerate the digital transformation of our customers’ products, we have developed and offer an IoT Connectivity Board, available in two versions: WiFi and WiFi/NB IoT. Both versions are equipped with a crypto-chip to ensure the security of both local data storage and transmission to and from the Cloud. By connecting the IoT board to our Riseberg IoT Cloud Platform, the customer can store and access data sent from anywhere in the world in real-time. These features enable, for example, predictive maintenance, geolocation, and monitoring of the correct setup of functional parameters to ensure the best product performance, as well as to verify its proper use by end-users.

Riseberg is a ready-to-use IoT platform. Its name comes as a metaphor for an iceberg: Riseberg represents the submerged part of the iceberg, which, although not visible, represents the larger volume of the iceberg. Riseberg contains all the functionalities and tools necessary to expedite the connection of customers’ devices to ensure security, ensure high reliability, and very low connection latency. The customer can thus focus on the ’emerged part’ of the iceberg, representing their specific ‘use case,’ with the certainty that it will be fully supported by the power and functionality of Riseberg.

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