Cross Point has developed a family of GUIs (Graphic User Interface), in four display formats: 2.8″, 3.5″, 5″, and 7″. Each GUI consists of a display with a capacitive touch panel and electronics that allow for the management and interfacing with the customer’s product. The GUIs are scalable in features to better adapt to the customer’s specifications; furthermore, we can provide support for the customization of the graphical part and the related software.


It is possible to use the GUIs by directly interacting with the display glass or, alternatively, we can mount them on the back of a cover lens/glass or PMMA panel, providing a custom product composed of one or more GUIs. Cross Point’s GUIs can reproduce videos and audio files and can communicate with the customer’s electronics through protocols such as RS485, CAN, and I2C. Additionally, they can also ensure interfacing via WiFi or BLE.

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