UVC Product

Cross Point has accepted the challenge launched by, let’s say, the ‘critical’ year that was 2020, quickly creating a range of products intended for sanitation using UVC LED technology; in particular, we created a UVC LED bar available in various lengths, then completing it with Control/Management devices also manufactured by us. In fact, UVC is an excellent Sanitation tool, however it can also be hazardous for living beings, requiring adequate knowledge and, in particular, adequate management.

These essential control/management devices allow adequate operation to switch on/off the UVC LED, detecting ‘Presence’ (of any people/things) using a movement sensor or (thanks to an optional kit) using a camera that can control various parameters to guarantee the completely safe functionality of our UVC LED.

Currently, 5 lengths UVC LED BAR models are available and 1 UVC LED STRIP model (the latter is ideal for sanitizing small surfaces over short distances).

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