Micro Spot

This range of products mainly groups together various custom-made solutions, developed over the years to meet the specific needs of certain clients and which have since become standard and appreciated by the entire market. In particular, we have developed products with compact dimensions and primary protection to professionally light up zones often difficult to access and with reduced surfaces such as, for example, the brewing zone of the Coffee Machine or a Vending Machine, as well as Counter-tops. Today, thanks to our experience gained, we can create products with truly compact dimensions, guaranteeing however a high lighting capacity, integrating them perfectly with the product design for each client, guaranteeing high performance also in applications with high operating temperatures, as well as excellent levels of resistance to humidity and dust.

In any case, to also meet those clients who do not intend developing a custom product, Cup-Lighting is now available as Standard product in three white light shades (Warm – Neutral – Cold), which can be applied simply with a ‘click’, creating a 15,20 mm hole on sheet metal, to obtain precise and diffused lighting on the surface beneath.

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