Cross Point has developed a wide range of LED BAR modules that range from Standard Products to fully-custom manufactured products based on Lighting Technical/Mechanical Specifications provided by the Customer.

Among these Standard Products, we have for example the ‘LIGHT BAR IP67’, available in 5 lengths (320 mm to 1220 mm) and in the three white light shades (Warm – Neutral – Cold).  The high IP protection grade, as well as the extreme compactness allows its use in various application fields: from Industrial to Residential lighting.

In 2019, the innovative ‘HOT LED BAR’ was created with the particular feature of working at Temperature of +85°C; this makes it an ideal product for applications in environments/products with a high working temperature such as professional Ovens, industrial systems, etc. The high IP65 protection grade (with the exception of the connector) make it a product for use also in environments characterized by a high percentage of humidity. ‘HOT LED BAR’ is available in 5 lengths (320 mm to 1220 mm) and in two white light shades (Neutral – Cold).

As said, other than the standard models, Cross Point has developed various customized devices to fully meet each Client’s application, starting from classic cylindrical or rectangular shapes, to reach total integration of the LED BAR with the aesthetic/functional design required (making it an integral part of the door profile, for example, in a refrigerated glass display). The absolute potential for customization is particularly interesting when applied in the Refrigeration sector, inside Refrigerated glass displays, Refrigerated counters and Cold rooms.

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