Flex Fiber

Flex Fiber consists of a bundle of optical fibers in PMMA treated in such a way as to allow a 360 ° emission of light in a uniform way, along the entire length or limiting the emission only in some parts, making others ‘off’ . Flex Fiber is composed with fibers in different diameters for optimal integration and to respect the required radius of curvature.

The light is supplied by one (or two) LED Emitters, placed on its side, able to reach long lengths.

  • Flexible, slim, suitable for different designs
  • Homogeneity of light along the entire length and in the folds
  • Color homogeneity without variation over time
  • Operating Temperature = -20° / +70°C
  • Available external diameter 3,8 mm. and 5 mm.
  • Available Color: White, Red, Green and Blue.
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