Design Led Lighting

For years, Cross Point has been creating full-custom LED Lighting Devices to fully meet design needs, integrating with each Client’s product in endless applications. The complete know-how and familiarity with technologies in the LED field (including all those materials which can be integrated with the light to provide a better lighting effect) allow us to create aesthetic/functional lighting devices that give each product a distinctive brand, a “light signature”, while at the same time becoming useful elements to communicate the ‘status/function’ of the device using a ‘colour code’.

They are elements that are increasingly requested and diffused on the market and we are proud to be among the leaders in the Design, Mmanufacture and supply of solutions ensuring our clients’ various products have been easily recognized over the years.

Some practical examples are Lighting Profiles on Coffee Machines, Vending Machines, Household Appliances (small and consumer), Car Interiors, Design, LED panels for logo backlighting, LED signaling indicators, etc.

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