COB LED Technology – So Thin! So Powerful! So…Cross Point!

COB LED Technology – So Thin! So Powerful!

Keeping our eyes always open to Innovation and Evolution, for some years we have already undertaken on the path of developing Custom Solutions that use COB LEDs instead of traditional LED sources.

COB Technology allow an extremely wide range of possible Design, ensuring freedom to realize complex Lighting Effect by direct deposition of proper Paths of LED Chips, strictly following the Aesthethic required effect.
What? Are you asking to resume the main advantages could get by COB Technology?
Well, get a look as follow:

  • Aesthetics: obtaining ‘Dot-less’ products in a simple way
  • Dimensional: elimination of plastic parts such as ‘reflectors’
  • Design: it is possible to deposit the COB LED without particular constraints, following the shapes of each Device
  • Thermal: it allows one of the most optimal dissipation, by ‘spreading’ directly on the PCB

Other doubts? Here we are for you!

Contact us for more information on the COB LED Technology.
We are sure you will find the product you are looking for.

COB LED Technology – So Thin! So Powerful! So…Cross Point!
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